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Sometimes it’s hard to get on this blog and say power of the psalms free pdf download things, whether from a place of my own personal trials or the ones I share with those I love. And yet, the good news is still good. Find in Me thine all in all.

It’s hard for me to reconcile the goodness of God and pain. My tendency is to push God away and seek other comforts. And melt the heart of stone. Moses to return from his meet-up with God on the mountain.

That is so often me, quick to turn aside from a faithful and patient following. God is jealous for his glory and for my heart. Over and over, the Bible tells me that He loves me and long to comfort me, longs to save, longs to quiet me with his love. Running from pain only keeps me from running from His love. Running for other comforts keeps my unquieted by his love.

And running from our sin, hiding in the shadows, keeps us running from His grace and unfailing mercy. As I read through Exodus, I’m again impressed at the details God put into the establishment and creation of the temple in Exodus, and the way it intricately foreshadows and sets up all He planned to do and complete in Christ. My lips shall still repeat. The patient God who set all that up and orchestrated, down to the very day, our salvation, is the God who knows you and your days.

All his promises are “yes” in Jesus. What good would he then withhold from you? He washed it white as snow. Elvina Hall and the Scriptures in 1 Peter 3:18 and 2 Corinthians 1:20 intersect.

God, forgive me from running from the comfort and grace I could find in you. Thank you that your love is never failing. Make me a patient, enduring worshipper of only You. Keep me running for, not from, your comfort and your grace.

What do you do with your pain? Where do you go for comfort? Use for Bible studies, church groups or events, and Sunday school classes are all fine! If you’re in doubt, I’m happy to answer any questions. All artwork and photos are copyright Marydean Draws. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. Sometimes I describe anxiety like a train.

It starts with a thought or a belief that, unchecked, begins to roll along briskly on the track of my mind. As it begins to gain speed, it gets harder and harder to slow it down. To slow down the train, I have to look at what’s feeding the engine, but that process can be scary and intimidating for me. Sometimes it feels easier to keep chug-chug-chugging along. God’s instructions to “fear not” as a scolding. You should know better, do better, be better.

I’m so tired of your struggles. But Welch says that we need to hear “do not fear” and “do not be anxious” as words from the heart of a good, good father. It’s a little like my three-year-old in the car:  “Mom, do you know how to get there? Mommy knows where we’re going.