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Please forward this error primal blueprint book pdf to sharedip-160153405. Today we are people who know better, and that’s both a wonderful and terrible thing. Utopia is a hard sell in the twenty-first century.

Utopias of the previous century: Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Maoist China, and so on in depressing repetition. Yet we need Utopia more than ever. Frances Fukuyama would have it, when neoliberal capitalism reins triumphant and uncontested. Utopia offers us a glimpse of an alternative. Utopia, broadly conceived, is an image of a world not yet in existence that is different from and better than the world we inhabit now. For the revolutionary, Utopia offers a goal to reach and a vision to be realized.

For the reformer, it provides a compass point to determine what direction to move toward and a measuring stick to determine how far one has come. Yet there are theoretical as well as practical problems with the project. Even before the disastrous realizations of Utopia in the twentieth century, the notion of an idealized society was attacked by both radicals and conservatives. Between the two poles of the political spectrum, for those in the center who simply hold on to the ideal of democracy, Utopia can also be problematic. Democracy is a system in which ordinary people determine, directly or through representation, the system that governs the society they live within. Utopias, however, are usually the products of singular imaginations or, at best, the plans of a small group: a political vanguard or artistic avant-garde.

But without political illusions, with what are we left? Disillusion, and its attendant discursive practice: criticism. If Utopianism is about sweeping plans, criticism is about pointed objections. The act of criticism continually undermines any attempt to project a perfect system. But criticism has run its political course. What was once a potent weapon against totalitarianism has become an empty ritual, ineffectual at best and self-delusional at worst.

The idea that there is a power in knowing the Truth is an old one. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Word of God, communicated through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Within an information economy where there is a scarcity of knowledge, and often a monopoly on its production and distribution, knowledge does equal power. To criticize the official Truth was to strike a blow at the church or state’s monopoly over meaning. The postmodern condition, once merely an academic hypothesis pondered by an intellectual elite, is now, in the Internet age, the lived experience of the multitude.

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