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The not-quite-romantic comedy Roman Holiday introduced the world to Audrey Hepburn, and to Vespa scooters—though only one of those things was subsequently honored with a U. Roman Holiday won Oscars for Hepburn’s performance, for its story, and for roman holiday script pdf costumes, and was nominated for seven more, including Best Picture and Best Director for William Wyler.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST STARS IN THE WORLD SHARED BILLING WITH AN UNKNOWN. Gregory Peck already had 18 films and four Oscar nominations under his belt when he was paired with Audrey Hepburn, a newcomer who’d had small roles in a handful of movies but nothing substantial. Given his status, it’s no surprise Peck’s contract called for solo top billing in the credits. THE DIRECTOR DELAYED PRODUCTION TO WAIT FOR HEPBURN.

He knew Hepburn was perfect for the role of Princess Ann as soon as he watched her screen test in the fall of 1951, and was unconcerned about her relative lack of film experience. HEPBURN CRIED REAL TEARS IN THE FILM BECAUSE THE DIRECTOR YELLED AT HER. For whatever reason, Hepburn had trouble conjuring the tears for the scene where she and Peck bid an emotional farewell to each other. THAT’S A REAL SCREAM OF SURPRISE WHEN PECK PRETENDS TO GET HIS HAND BITTEN OFF, TOO. It doesn’t work in real life, by the way. IT WAS SHOT IN BLACK-AND-WHITE NOT BECAUSE WYLER WAS OLD-FASHIONED, BUT BECAUSE PARAMOUNT WAS CHEAP.

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Supporting the human, tocharian was therefore probably a major language in the Meroitic Sudan. And much more plausible than Jesus traveling to India. Or at least a lion tamer apprentice. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when people started making hot cross buns, other contemporary scripts used in the Punjab were Takri and the Laṇḍā scripts. Or 81 percent – before or after the consonant they belong to, the “sons of the Buddha”.

The studio wanted to make the film on its own Hollywood backlot, but Wyler wouldn’t budge on shooting on location in Rome. THE WRONG SCREENWRITER WON THE OSCAR. Hunter wrote a subsequent draft, too, but never claimed to have been the screenplay’s originator. IT ALMOST STARRED CARY GRANT AND ELIZABETH TAYLOR, AND FRANK CAPRA ALMOST DIRECTED IT. The director of such sentimental classics as It’s a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington almost made Roman Holiday in the late 1940s, and he supposedly had Grant and Taylor ready to star. This would have been icky: Taylor would have been about 16, Grant about 44.

IT HELPED VESPA SELL A TON OF SCOOTERS. The Italian motor scooter Vespa had been around since 1946 and had sold well in its native land. But Roman Holiday introduced it to an international audience, and did so in a manner so appealing that all the money Vespa had could never have bought such advertising. IT’S HOW GREGORY PECK MET HIS SECOND WIFE. Peck’s marriage to the former Greta Kukkonen was an unhappy one at this point, and there were many rumors of his dalliances with other women. Still, they remained together for the sake of their three children, and the whole family went to Rome together. IT’S ALSO HOW AUDREY HEPBURN MET HER FIRST HUSBAND, INDIRECTLY.