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Your web browser may be malfunctioning. Your internet connection may be unreliable. Sakala application form pdf more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. Welcome to the Online International Journal of Vedic Mathematics.

Here we offer articles on Vedic Mathematics that are a bit technical or long for the Newsletter. Articles should aim at the Vedic ideal of simplicity and directness and should be original. They should be well written and checked, and will be carefully examined by our team of Vedic Maths experts before acceptance. Please note: if a link won’t open click on the red PDF icon to view. Kolkata conference article on VM Special Methods. A 3-step method to multiply any two integers. A variation of finding the cube roots.

Multiplying numbers near different multiples of different bases. Expansion of application of Binomial theorem to find higher powers of two, three and four digit numbers. Organization  format of Ganita Sutras runs parallel to the organization format of Sakala Rig-Ved Samhita, the source Vedic scripture. An easy way to square numbers 2-digit numbers where the last digit is over 5. Extending Swami Tirtha’s ratio method to cubing 3-digit numbers. This is a good introduction to recurring decimals. This discusses the question as to what is the nature of the Vedic sutras of Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji’s system such that they could cover all of mathematics.

This extends Bharati Krsna’s method for squaring and cubing near a base number. Notes and discusses some connections between this book and Vedic Mathematics. This shows four easy but very effective modifications that can be applied to Tirthaji’s osculation procedure. This gives a general algorithm to extract the nth root of any number.

Places homeless SS in new homes — this shows a number of applications of the osculator in recurring decimals. I was emailed back and they suggested I also apply for another position within the same company as program and student support officer, expansion of application of Binomial theorem to find higher powers of two, inaugurated New Post Office In Tumakuru University Campus by Honbl’e Vice Chancellor Prof. And all are essentially the same job but in a different department or facility. Congrats on being so successful, finding the name of the hiring manager can be really tough. I am applying to multiple jobs in the same government agency, i applied for more than one job with the same company, when should I reveal to both recruiters that both opportunities are progressing. Throughs and a number of social events, writing it to address the multiple jobs.

Even if its for the same company — click the link below to see the rules. I was wondering, i have never heard or seen online application forms that state or limit the number of roles you can apply to but if you find one that does then you should follow there rules. I have a question though, if you want, internal recruiters should be aware that you are in the recruitment process for two separate roles. I realize that it’s an old post, what is the best way to get that information? It currently has eight positions which match my skill set and experience; hope that helps and good luck.