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Chains of fructose molecules, fructo-oligosaccharides or fructans, are present salicylate food list pdf high concentrations in some vegetables and cereal products and often lead to symptoms in individuals with fructose intolerance. Many healthy foods contain fructose or fructans and it is important to maintain a healthy diet despite the reduction in fructose necessary to control symptoms. To achieve this, expert assistance from a dietician knowledgeable in fructose intolerance is advised. Levulose and invert sugar on food labels signifies fructose content.

Fructose is better tolerated in the presence of glucose. Irrespective of glucose content, some foods naturally contain a high load of fructose, i. 3g per serving, or of fructans, i. These are the two criteria considered most useful in the selection of food to avoid.

Cooked fruit generally has lower fructose content than uncooked fruit. Most dried fruit, including currant, dates, dried fruit or health bars, figs, raisins. Berries in larger quantities: blueberry, raspberry. FODMAP content at least for a trial period of 4-6 weeks and under dietary supervision. This may, however, not be necessary in a substantial group of patients, as individual intolerances appear to be common. The following information will give you details on how to specifically reduce fructose in your diet.

However, dietary assistance is advised, to ensure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Bear in mind that when comparing tables of different sources some variation is expected. This is due to differences in measurement techniques, in actual sugar content of various fruit types as well as ripeness and growth conditions. Second step: absolute fructose content of food product should not be over 3g per serving. Small portions of borderline foods can be tried, especially when your stomach is not empty.

See links below for more extensive food lists. Sweeteners: aspartame, acesulfame K, saccharin, cyclamate, stevia and thaumatin are no problem for HFI or fructose-intolerant individuals. Sorbitol decreases and glucose increase fructose tolerance. Fructose-containing foods are better tolerated in several smaller servings throughout the day and not on en empty stomach.

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