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We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have it up and running again soon. Do you surgery on call pdf free download COPD or Asthma?

Plan your Vaccinations well in advance – they take time to work! Please ALWAYS reply to our invitation letters, emails and texts Help save the NHS! Worthing Hospital – experiencing high demand – please help our colleagues! The Medical Team at Ball Tree aims to provide all our patients with access to quality personalised care in a friendly environment. Every patient at Ball Tree has a GP responsible for their overall care.

We believe that prevention of illness is better than cure and actively educate and encourage our patients to make healthy choices and share responsibility for improving their wellbeing. Self-care can often be the best care for many conditions and we ask our patients to think carefully  before booking to see a GP or Nurse. Our duty of care extends widely and we believe that every child and vulnerable adult has the right to be safe. We are committed to safeguarding all our patients and staff. If you have personal concerns or would like to share concerns about welfare of child or adult, we have a dedicated member of our team who, supported by our partner organisations, can work with you. Communication: Let us know if you need support accessing our services or our communication materials and we will do our best to meet you needs.

Please use our services wisely so that we can continue to provide a safe and caring service for all our patients. This is important for YOU and those whom you love. Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to our current way of life. Without effective antibiotics, many routine treatments will become increasingly dangerous.

Please do not expect to receive antibiotics trust the expertise of our GPs to prescribe them when they are truly needed. Over the next few months we will be working with our patients and staff to help improve our access to services and also to help the health and wellbeing of our team. They may advise you to attend Accident and Emergency – but this would only be in the most serious of situations. To report a serious accident, injury or illness – 999 Team will advise you and may arrange an ambulance. Only visit Accident and Emergency if you or someone you are caring for has a very serious injury or illness. E for less serious issues, it causes huge problems for the hospital and costs the NHS many times the cost of using 111 or visiting your GP during usual opening hours.

Many pharmacies operate extended hours on a rota basis. Our dedicated team are here to treat those minor ailments that occur as well as providing specialist management of long-term conditions and clinics covering a wide range of healthcare issues. The technology also means you can now do a lot of things from the comfort of your home such as order a repeat prescription or cancel an appointment. This partnership philosophy extends even further and our active patient group exists to make sure that patient needs and the practice offering are always heading in the same direction. A stair lift is available to the first floor which staff will be happy to operate for you.

We also have a parking space which is reserved for patients displaying a disabled sticker. We can arrange interpretation and translation services for patients who do not speak English. Please let us know if you need this service when booking an appointment – it may require additional time for us to be able to arrange interpreting services and we will also need to book a longer appointment. The Mayfield Chiari Center provides neurosurgical evaluation and treatment of adult patients with Chiari malformation. This website will be under construction for the next few months as we work to improve our services and offerings. During this transition, our patient education material is still available for your review. If you are seeking treatment in Cincinnati, we offer a no-cost case review by one of our neurosurgeons.

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