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This site the book of numbers conway pdf Google Analytics to track visits. Home Welcome to The Lab Book Pages. A collection of electronics and computing information.

You can find out more about this site on the about page. Recent changes and additions to the site are listed below. 2 Nov 2014 – Java Web Start Security After an update to Java 7 there are much stricter security measures for starting Web Start Applications. This page describes how to add The Lab Book Pages to a trusted list so that applications from this site will run. 1 Sep 2013 – Comparator Network Search Tool A comparator with input hysteresis is a useful circuit for cleaning up a noisy signal or a signal with slow slew rates. This page describes a search tool for finding the resistor values for an inverting comparator circuit. 14 Apr 2013 – Potential Divider Search Tool The Potential Divider Search Tool can be used for finding a pair of resistor values that give the correct voltages in a potential divider circuit.

It will also calculate the voltages in a potential divider circuit given the resistor values. 21 Feb 2013 – Engineering Notation in Java Two simple functions for converting between a double and a string in engineering notation. 14 Dec 2010 – Composite Arrays The composite or nested array is a simple approach of improving frequency invariance. It comprises multiple arrays of varying quantity and spacing of elements, each designed to provide a set main lobe beamwidth for successive frequency bands. 03 Dec 2010 – Delay Sum Beamforming This page introduces the technique of beamforming using an array of microphones as an approach for creating a focused ‘beam-like’ sensitivity pattern. The simplest form of beamforming, the Delay-Sum beamformer is described. 03 Dec 2010 – Fractional Delays Steering the mainlobe of a microphone array normally requires delaying the incoming sampled data with sub-sample accuracy.

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This page describes how this may be achieved. 29 Sep 2010 – Wave Summation This page is a basic overview of the maths involved in adding sinusoidal signals. This forms a central part of analysing a beamformer’s spacial response. 28 Sep 2010 – Microphone Preamplifier This page includes details of a microphone preamplifier that can be used to build a microphone array. Each amplifier can be used with a small electret condenser capsule and provides a line level output for direct connection to a ADC.