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Who we are: National School Safety and Security Services is private, for-profit national school safety consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio with consultants in Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. Our philosophy: We believe proactive strategies are the keys to safe schools. We focus on a balanced approach to prevention, intervention, security and crisis preparedness, combined with improving communications, school climate, psychological support services and strong relationships with public safety officials. We are independent and driven by the best interests and practices in our field. 450 articles on school safety issues. He has advised school and public safety officials in all 50 states. Ken started as an officer, investigator and Youth Gang Unit Supervisor for the Cleveland Public Schools, and as a suburban School Security Director.

During that time, Ken spoke at national conferences and worked regularly with local reporters on stories related to school safety, security incidents, and gangs. Ken is currently a doctoral student at The Johns Hopkins University School of Education in the Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education specialization where his research focuses on school safety leadership issues. Master of Public Administration degree from Cleveland State University. He has been interviewed by all network and cable news outlets, the top 50 U. Ken is familiar with the unique operations and needs of each type of media outlet. Ken has testified four times before Congress about school security and crisis issues, and in 2011 he testified before the U.

Commission on Civil Rights about the role of the federal government in local school bullying issues. He was a guest at the 2006 White House Conference on School Safety. Chuck Hibbert serves as a consultant to National School Safety and Security Services. Chuck retired after 21 years of services as Coordinator of Safety and Transportation Services for the Wayne Township Metropolitan School District in Indianapolis.