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Easily download and save what you find. Peter Brawley and Arthur Fuller 2005-2018. Customers have orders, which have line items, which refer to products, which have prices. Population samples have subjects, who take tests, which give results, which have sub-results and norms. Web sites have pages, which have links, which collect hits across dates and times. The number of tables limits the number of JOINs needed to walk the tree.

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But when data maps a family tree, or a browsing history, or a bill of materials, data rows relate hierarchically to other rows in the same table. We no longer know how many JOINs we need to walk the tree. We need a different data model. This chapter is about how to model and query graphs in a MySQL database. Graph theory is a branch of topology. Let the set of nodes in Fig 1 be N, the set of edges be L, and the graph be G.

If the edges are directed, the graph is a digraph or directed graph. A mixed graph has both directed and undirected edges. Graph characteristics and models Nodes and edges : Two nodes are adjacent if there is an edge between them. Two edges are adjacent if they connect to a common node. In a complete graph, all nodes are adjacent to all other nodes. A node of indegree zero is a root node, a node of outdegree zero is a leaf node. In a weighted graph, used for example to solve the travelling salesman problem, edges have a weight attribute.