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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. Cover of the first volume of Yumekui Merry featuring Merry Nightmare. Japanese action fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Ushiki Yoshitaka. Tomoko fuse spiral pdf series is serialized in Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Forward.

Yumeji Fujiwara is a young male student like any other who, after an event that occurred 10 years previously, gained the power to see the aura of other people’s dreams, and the ability to predict what kind of dream they will have next. Since then, he has started to have strange dreams of cats following him for an unknown reason. The boss of the cat army, John Doe, tells him that his body is needed to access the real world. Yumeji decides to help her, and a gate to the world of dreams opens again, this time in full daylight.

She appears in the daydream worlds looking for an answer to how to get back to her world. Meanwhile, an evil dream demon named Pharos Hercules is leading other dream demons to make humans into their vessels in order to raise an army, killing those that oppose him which causes humans to lose sight of their goals and ambitions. After Hercules’ downfall, Merry’s quest in returning to the dream world continues. With dream demons seen by previous vessels, Yumeji and Merry now have to investigate this unusual phenomenon. Yumeji has the ability to look at a colored aura of people and then be able to predict what dreams they are going to have. Though his normal predictions are hazy at best, he can clearly identify when someone is destined to have a nightmare.

When he looks in the mirror with that ability, he sees the colors for nightmares, and indeed, in the opening episode, he has a recurring nightmare where he is being hunted down by a gang of cats. A dream demon from the dreamworld, who allegedly came into the real world 10 years ago without any memory. Unlike the other dream demons, she doesn’t need to possess a human to enter the real world, as she has her own body. Searching for a door to return to the dream world, she falls onto Yumeji one day, who wants to help her to find her way back home.

At first reluctant, when a daydream occurs and she saves Yumeji’s life, she accepts his help. Merry possesses a keychain that, when it touches a dream demon, forces the dream demon back to the dream world without harming the vessel’s dream. The keychain has been shown to have its key detach and summon the Gate itself. Merry finally recovers her full strength when touching a hero’s mask belonging to Yumeji ten years previously.

Isana is Yumeji’s childhood friend, whom Yumeji has been living with for a while. Daughter of the cook of a restaurant in the city, she’s a kind and quite shy girl who works with her father. Yumeji saved her as she was about to fall from a playground when she was young. She also commented once that she has a feeling that she had met Merry before but shook the idea off as her imagination. She’s in love with Yumeji and asks Merry what kind of feelings she has for him. A cat-like dream demon with a skull mask who leads the cat army that appears in Yumeji’s dreams. He was originally interested to taking over Yumeji’s body in order to stay in the real world, but Merry fought and defeated him.

He also wields a guillotine-like weapon. His daydream is a run-down village with fish skeletons, and an army of cats including human-like female cats that seem fond of Yumeji. Yui is a young girl whom Yumeji meets in a supermarket. She goes to an all-girls’ school. She has a strong interest in collecting dolls and keychains, particularly unique looking ones, and she is a terrible cook. She is always determined to help others however she can, and has a habit of wanting to be acknowledge as a superior. It is this trait that leads her to become the voluntary vessel of another dream demon, Engi Threepiece, after she decided to help her.

Engi is an angel-like dream demon with an aggressive manner yet very apologetic. Her daydream is a field of prairies that contains a moon. She can multiply swords and launch them towards her enemies. She wants to avenge her older sister, Patti, who was tricked into going to the real world and ended up being killed there.

Engi thus asked Yui’s help to become her vessel in order to search for Pharaos Hercules, whom she believes is responsible for Patti’s death. The main antagonist, a dream demon who looks like a knight wearing armor and a helmet. During Hercules’ fight with Engi he uses an over-sized axe and demonstrates the ability to take over dream worlds. His human vessel is Takateru and his daydream is a landscape with chimney rocks. Eventually, it is revealed that he and Yumeji are refer to as “brothers” because they “share the same blood” received from Kyou, explaining their similar abilities, in addition to his fire power. A solitary long black hair dream demon in a white hakama with the sleeves woven together. She speaks in a calm dark demeanor yet gets mad easily.