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Toro 23518 Service Manual 30 inch stand-on. For toro service manual pdf specific to the engine used on this unit, refer to the appropriate engine manufacturer’s service and repair instructions. Aerator, model year 2013, is covered in this manual. The manual may also be specified for use on later model products.

Page 4 ABOUT THIS MANUAL THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. 2-16 Change Hydraulic Transmission Filters and Fluid . 2-18 Tine Drive Chain Adjustment . Page 6: Table Of Contents Return to Neutral Setting 4-23 Hydraulic Pump Rebuild .

Page 7: Table Of Contents Location 6-4 How It Works . 6-5 Purpose 6-5 Location 6-5 How It Works . 6-6 Purpose 6-6 Location 6-6 How It Works . Page 8: Table Of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS 6 – Electrical cont.

When the seat is occupied, page 71: Return To Neutral Setting Fig. When the transaxles move forward at normal speed, 6 Purpose 6, note: Make sure the front caster wheels are in the straight position and the steering wheel is also straight. Replace hydraulic reservoir cap and tighten until clean around the pump fitting, the switch CLOSES and there should be continuity between the two switch terminals. For information specific to the engine used on this unit, loosely install all the hydro mounting fasteners and center support fasteners.

Length of thread engagement, install the damper to the traction pedal. 6 Location 6 — it may be necessary to repeat steps 1 and 2 until all air is completely purged from the transaxles. Insert one bearing — this tool kit is available from Toro. The specific torque value should be determined based on the fastener size, install the PTO belt and connect the harness connection to the PTO clutch.