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Amamix – Submersible mixer1 Environmentally friendly The oil chamber is filled with ecologically acceptable white oil. 2 Powerful yet economical Propeller generates maximum thrust at minimum power consumption. Amaprop – Submersible Mixer 1 Absolutely break-proof Propeller blades made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin with metal hub insert and protective gel types of valves and their functions pdf. Up to 160 bar Up to 55.

Disposal of sludges and solids-laden fluids More information: www. Submersible motor pump1 High operating reliabilityeven under tough operating conditions, due togenerously sized motor, thermal overload protectionby temperature switch integrated in the winding,and encapsulated, watertight motor design. Analog output for transmitting the actual value, motorspeed, etc. 3 Cylinder bush designed for continuousoperation. Advanced hydraulic system for high efficiency. The impellers are trimmed to the operating point as astandard. Centrifugal, High-pressure,Multistage Barrel Pump to API 610, 10th Edition.

API 610,Breducing maintenance costs and work. Standard lubrication with oil, option for grease. Bearing bracket and bearing bracket lanternmade of ductile material. Submersible Motor Pump for Waste Water Applications1 Non-clogging low-maintenance designL arge free passages substantially reduce clogging riskand maintenance. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “The New Calio.

03Meet our new star for Building Services. The skills that went intodeveloping Calio come from years of experience in major projectsworldwide. Our new generation of circulators combines the verybest in comprehensive know-how, intensive research and innovativetechnology. Ease of Use:Where Little Learns from Large.

When we developed Calio, we concentrated on top quality and easyuse. Compact dimensions and standard connections make installationextra quick and smooth. 4-in-1 technology: Replaces high-pressure pump, energyrecovery device, booster pump and electric motor. 2 Introduction Type series index Product portfolio Overview of applications p.

10-21 Our tradition: Competence since 1871. 4 Introduction Our spare parts and services: Dependability at your cal We tailor our services to enable new ways of indi- vidually optimising our products. They underscore our far-reaching sense of customer responsibility. To maintain this level of excellence,nto fulfil our customers’ wishes on time and in full. 10 – 21Our tradition:Our tradition:Competence since 1871.

4–turn handles suitable for driving KSB–AMRI butterfly valves. 1 576 570965916195 920 901 576 950. All sectors of Water, Industry and Energy. On request, anticlockwise arrangement is available. Water and Industry in non–corrosive environments, no saltwater.

33 1 41 47 75 00 . 33 1 41 47 75 10 . DYNACTO series of spring return hydraulicactuators develop output torques up to 4000 Nm. Generally adaptation is made directly, via an adaptation flange is required. ACTO series of double acting hydraulic actuatorsdevelop output torques up to 150000 Nm. The translation of hydraulic actuator . 5 411 904 103 87–15 916.

Themovement transmission is achieved by means of the pistonsystem . 4This document is not contractual and9210. 2004 may be amended without notice. 352 – 32 50 85-1SISTO Armaturen S. 3ACTELEC 31 to 800 actuators are based on a reducer with irreversible kinematicsmotorized by amulti–turn electric actuator with amounting plate in accordance with ISO 5210 standard.