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The information in this index draws upon materials from our existing goals, governance mechanisms, policies and performance. Many of these topics are interconnected and universal declaration on animal welfare pdf such, we have included cross-referenced links to related subjects.

Boundaries section of the A-Z Index. A number of topics in this index are related to our Performance with Purpose 2025 goals. Further detail about our goals, along with a complete GRI Index, can be found in our 2016 Sustainability Report. Sorry, we can’t find any results for that search term. Get more information about the policies and practices that inform our advertising and marketing strategy. As a corporation that has a global reach but operates locally in the communities where we do business, we provide relevant expertise to help advance the ways in which farming is carried out around the world.

2025 agenda, we have set a number of goals related to sustainable agriculture. We have also set goals to sustainably source our major indirect agricultural raw materials by 2025, and cane sugar and palm oil by 2020. To learn more about the ways in which we are helping to advance farming practices around the world and the policies that govern our role in this global supply chain, visit our Agriculture page. We are committed to producing great-tasting food and beverage products of the highest quality in every part of the world, ensuring that all of our products meet or exceed appropriate safety and quality standards. The use of bioengineered food and ingredients is safe.

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