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Please forward this error screen to 206. Cross-section of switched reluctance machine with 6 stator and 4 rotor poles. Notice variable reluctance motor pdf concentrated windings on the stator poles. A reluctance motor is a type of electric motor that induces non-permanent magnetic poles on the ferromagnetic rotor.

The rotor does not have any windings. Torque is generated through the phenomenon of magnetic reluctance. Reluctance motors can deliver very high power density at low cost, making them ideal for many applications. When a rotor pole is equidistant from the two adjacent stator poles, the rotor pole is said to be in the “fully unaligned position”. This is the position of maximum magnetic reluctance for the rotor pole.

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When a stator pole is energized, the rotor torque is in the direction that will reduce reluctance. Dual-rotor layouts provide more torque at lower price per volume or per mass. The inductance of each phase winding in the motor will vary with position, because the reluctance also varies with position. This presents a control systems challenge. Typical pole numbers are 4 and 6.

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