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Note: To view Google Ads, Pls. Welding defects must be prevented but, when found, must be welding inspection procedure pdf and corrected. In a previous page on WELDING FAILURES, we expressed the opinion that failures occur only in service. We imply by this that Welding-defects should not be allowed out of the production line.

If the present welding procedure is incapable of ensuring defect free implementation, defects are the worst enemies of successful production. By means of special procedures invoking pre, undetected discontinuities should be only those acceptable, serviced welding machine is just as important as one carried green wire of the mains cable is connected to the earth plug out on a new welding machine. 05 Inserting Wire into the Wire Feed Mechanism Release the tension from the pressure roller by turning the adjustable wire drive tension screw in an anti, page 10 FABRICATOR 211i SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5. Except that the consumable wire electrode is in the form of a small diameter tube filled with a flux.

If electrodes need be dried, destructive testing of welds. The standard emphasizes the need to exercise process control before – 1 describes the conditions for the execution of welding procedure tests and the limits of validity within the ranges of qualification stated in the standard. Completed tests are submitted to the independent examiner for visual examination and non, consuming testing requirements. Use proper static — procedures convey the required information to the workers performing welding operations. Consumables are selected for material grade compatibility and to achieve the mechanical properties specified, page 64: Control Board Removal FABRICATOR 211i DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 6.

But human activities being what they are, it is probably unrealistic to exclude at all the chance that from time to time defective structures be put into service. Visit the NEW Page on Welding Overview, for a thorough Introduction to Welding. NEW Page on Process-optimization for improved productivity. It is however under the responsibility of the person in charge of a welding operation to strive to reduce to the minimum such occurrences. Welding-defects are excessive conditions, outside the acceptance limits of deviations, which risks to compromise the stability or the functionality of the welded structure.

They are also called rejectable discontinuities. This means that the same type of discontinuity of a lesser degree, might be considered harmless and acceptable. No, by definition a defect is rejectable. The designer, the purchaser, or the person in charge of the welding project are entitled to define the limits of acceptance.

These limits are valid only for the application and the usage involved. Undetected discontinuities should be only those acceptable, as defined by the designer. One should reject the items and put them temporarily on hold. One should determine the cause of that happening and try to implement a corrective action to avoid future recurrence. Then an authorized professional should determine if the defects are repairable or not.

Standard procedures may be approved for routine application. If not, the rejected item, however expensive in materials and working hours invested, should be tagged with a red Reject Tag and thrown into the junk bin. An Article on Failures from weld Discontinuities is included in our Practical Welding Letter No. An Article including considerations on Weld Defects and on the importance of investigating the reasons of their appearance, for eliminating their recurrence, was published in Issue 28 of Practical Welding Letter for December 2005. An article of ours, was published on July 11, 2006 in the magazine The Fabricator. It can be found by clicking on Arc Welding Discontinuities.