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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718024242. Most historians agree that writings for a liberation psychology pdf is evidence of homosexual activity and same-sex love, whether such relationships were accepted or persecuted, in every documented culture.

On June 12, 2016, the popular gay dance club Pulse in Orlando was the site of a mass shooting by one assailant. With at least 49 dead and another 50 injured, this hate crime is being called the worst mass shooting in U. It occurred during what was LGBT Pride weekend for towns and cities in and beyond the United States. Social movements, organizing around the acceptance and rights of persons who might today identify as LGBT or queer, began as responses to centuries of persecution by church, state and medical authorities. What is the pre-history of LGBT activism?

We know that homosexuality existed in ancient Israel simply because it is prohibited in the Bible, whereas it flourished between both men and women in Ancient Greece. Where European dress—a clear marker of gender—was enforced by missionaries, we find another complicated history of both gender identity and resistance. In the United States, there were few attempts to create advocacy groups supporting gay and lesbian relationships until after World War II. However, prewar gay life flourished in urban centers such as New York’s Greenwich Village and Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. The primary organization for gay men as an oppressed cultural minority was the Mattachine Society, founded in 1950 by Harry Hay and Chuck Rowland. Other important homophile organizations on the West Coast included One, Inc. 1952, and the first lesbian support network Daughters of Bilitis, founded in 1955 by Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin.

Through meetings and publications, these groups offered information and outreach to thousands. In 1965, as the civil rights movement won new legislation outlawing racial discrimination, the first gay rights demonstrations took place in Philadelphia and Washington, D. The turning point for gay liberation came on June 28, 1969, when patrons of the popular Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village fought back against ongoing police raids of their neighborhood bar. The gay liberation movement of the 1970s saw myriad political organizations spring up, often at odds with one another. Expanding religious acceptance for gay men and women of faith, the first out gay minister was ordained by the United Church of Christ in 1972.

Other gay and lesbian church and synagogue congregations soon followed. 1972, offered family members greater support roles in the gay rights movement. Celebrity performers, both gay and heterosexual, continued to be among the most vocal activists calling for tolerance and equal rights. The first part of the 21st century saw new emphasis on transgender activism and the increasing usage of terminology that questioned binary gender identification.

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