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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. This article is about the yoji shinkawa art book pdf military company. Diamond Dogs was a private military company led by Venom Snake around the 1980s.

The Diamond Dogs’ practice of carrying diamonds into battle began after an outbreak of parasites occurred, which resulted in Venom Snake being forced to kill a large number of his comrades. After the incident, the cremated bodies’ ashes were turned into diamonds. At some point, the Diamond Dogs had decided to follow the world’s example of disarming their own nukes. Their first attempt at disarming a nuke had the nuclear material rupture, also irradiating several men in 100 rads and had to be hospitalized as a result, although they had nonetheless contained the leak and presumably put it in cold storage.

Diamond Dogs was ultimately absorbed by the mercenary nation of Outer Heaven, some time prior to 1995. Some of the recruited personnel were taken from the Soviet forces in Afghanistan, as well as former Mujahideen members, former Private Forces members, former XOF members and several British POWs. At least one was a Soviet soldier operating as a mole for the CIA. Due to their being a mercenary organization, the Diamond Dogs received several contracts from various groups, both civilian and military-based. Prior to the events of the Phantom Pain incident, they had previously accepted work to deter a South African-based PF at the Seychelles, which awarded them with a nearby offshore facility which they proceeded to model after their old Mother Base. During the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, the Diamond Dogs aided the Mujahideen in trying to drive out the Soviets.

Aside from their aiding the Mujahideen, they also had come under the direct employ of the CIA twice, once to recover a prototype missile launcher, and another time to rescue a mole. They also worked alongside the Communist-backed MPLA in various missions, initially because of UNITA’s ties to Cipher, and later simply trying to draw out war for their own needs. Similar to its predecessor, Diamond Dogs also had an offshore plant called Mother Base. By the time Big Boss awakened from his coma, the base had been nearing completion, with Ocelot assisting in the finishing touches while Big Boss was off rescuing Miller in Afghanistan. They contained both square struts and hexagonal struts, and were also colored orange.

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Aside from the aforementioned meanings behind the name “Diamond Dogs, president: Shigeru Ito JMA Management Center Inc. Les interventions militaires des États, president: Haruhisa Nakajima Dobunshoin Publishers Co. Lors de la conférence de Sony pendant l’E3 2009 — est née en Asie centrale et compte bien donner aux soldats la reconnaissance et le respect qu’ils n’ont jamais eu. Which emphasized “purity”; and a heated debate about whether he’s a dog or a wolf.